V45 light closeup
V45 light closeup

V45 / traffic-responsive facade

Nextlab, Szövetség 39 and Be Light Ltd. realized the architects' vision of a reactive facade. We have developed our own lighting system with new solutions in form, aesthetics and technology. The lighting panels visually unite the two wings of the facade with different characteristics. Furthermore, the software-operated lights react to the noise level of Váci road creating a sound-responsive artwork determined by the effects of the environment, similarly to the facade of Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel.


L19 / environment-responsive glass facade

Péter Sugár and László Benczúr architects approached the designers of Szövetség 39 and Nextlab to make an animated facade for their Lanchid 19 design hotel. In collaboration with engineers of Hidromatic (robotic system) and MES (LED lighting) we formed a team to realise the concept of a permanently waving facade consisting of unique glass panels and patterns, which changes its appearance (form and light) based on weather conditions surrounding the hotel.

The blog showing shared working process (hungarian)
The official hotel website

thumbnail-reorient_cars.jpg Wired cars and the radio arbour
Wired cars and the radio arbour

Re:orient - hungarian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture

Nextlab´s members are involved in the project, "Re:orient - migrating architectures", which explores the local aspects of China's global significance and increasing influence. The project seeks to forecast possibilities which are now detectable only in connection with retail, but which will, in all likelihood, determine the built environment, which transforms under the pressure of ever-cheaper products. The project follows up these ideas with the presentation of spaces, architectural devices and materials that create new contents, and indicate ways of turning these constraints of the market to our benefit, show how to infuse the mass products, which are designed to have a short life-span, with lasting cultural values.

Re:orient website

thumbnail-1575_2_1.jpg Draft: 6 robot arms tracking satellites
Draft: 6 robot arms tracking satellites

1575.42 MHz

satellite-controlled kinetic installation

With friendly support of NKA (National Cultural Funds) and IHM (Ministry of Informatics and Communication) Nextlab together with its partners Hydromatic and Rational has developed an object, a 6 arm robot, which constantly tracks Global Positioning System satellites. Every arm of the sculpture follows the orbit of one of 24 celestial bodies through the horizon, so it moves and changes its appearence permanently.

Since the development process is as important as the result itself, we would like to share our thoughts and our work, from the first experiments through different testing phases until finishing the installation in autumn 2005.

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