Nextlab workshops at the Summer Academy of 13m3

August 17 and 19, 2006
Bratislava, Slovakia

Nextlab members are holding serveral workshops at the Summer Open Academy, organized by 13m3 in Bratislava, Slovkia. Workshops will cover topics such as:

- low-tech toy hacking
- working with GPS
- Arduino, by guest lecturer Massimo Banzi



MediaMix TV program on Nextlab, on the Hungarian Television channel 1

Jun 1, 2006, 23:55

An issue of MediaMix was dedicated to Nextlab on the Hungarian State television channel 1.


Nextlab presentation at m.ash.to

April 29, 2006
spiel:platz! - dietheater Konzerthaus
Lothringer Straße 20, 1030 Wien

VIE-SOF 18:42

a full version screening of the location aware road-movie "VIE-SOF" by Michael Aschauer - a trip from Vienna via Novi Sad to Sofia in 18:42 hours - a multilingual day of virtual driving through the Balkans combined with lectures, food, presentations, exhibition, music, sleep and party.



Dorkbot-Budapest #3

April 5, 2006, 18:00
Nextlab / Szövetség 39
1074 Budapest, Szövetség u. 39.

The third Dorkbot-Budapest meeting with the following lectures:

Róbert Langh: Unstable Image Surfer Tool
Sota Ichikawa, Max Rheiner, Kaoru Kobata, Ákos Maróy: Corpora
Balázs Beöthy, Zsolt Mesterházy, Rolland Pereszlényi: Double Bubble


DIY radio transmitter
DIY radio transmitter

radio.territories workshop #1

April 1, 2006, 13:00
Nextlab / Szövetség 39
1074 Budapest, Szövetség u. 39.

This is a continuation of the Sonic Tags series organized last fall, together with radio.territories and the Re:activism conference.

The first workshop concentrates on building your own radio transmitter.


Archaeology of rubbish - LMW04
Archaeology of rubbish - LMW04
'Tähtikuvitelma' Workshop/Installation
'Tähtikuvitelma' Workshop/Installation

Lecture by Andrew Gryf Paterson

February 22, 2006, 19:00
Nextlab / Szövetség 39
1074 Budapest, Szövetség u. 39.

Locative Media: Rautatieasema returns
"The deep-local Helsinki culture of mobility, systems and networks is manifested at the site of Rautatieasema (Railway Station). With it's interior, exterior, surrounding subterranean public-spaces, it is a centrepoint of urban Finland; A cartographic and temporal framework for partings, convergences, paths and destinations, all wrapped up in objective data and personal story. The tangible, intangible, physical and informatic.. The static and mobile.."

The presentation will speak of ways of engaging and documenting the site of 'Rautatieasema' at the Locative Media workshops at the Pixelache Festival of Electronic Arts and Subcultures in 2004, and forthcoming in 2006.


thumbnail-1575_2_1.jpg Draft: 6 robot arms tracking satellites
Draft: 6 robot arms tracking satellites

1575.42 MHz

satellite-controlled kinetic installation

With friendly support of NKA (National Cultural Funds) and IHM (Ministry of Informatics and Communication) Nextlab together with its partners Hydromatic and Rational has developed an object, a 6 arm robot, which constantly tracks Global Positioning System satellites. Every arm of the sculpture follows the orbit of one of 24 celestial bodies through the horizon, so it moves and changes its appearence permanently.

Since the development process is as important as the result itself, we would like to share our thoughts and our work, from the first experiments through different testing phases until finishing the installation in autumn 2005.

thumbnail-brainmirror2.jpg BrainMirror


explore your brain through natural interaction

Adam Somlai-Fischer (interaction researcher at Nextlab)
Bengt Sjölén (game technology researcher)
Danil Lundbäck (artistic director)

BrainMirror is an interactive experience where the image of the visitors brain appears mixed with his/her mirror image, using natural head movement as an interface to explore volumetric visuals of the human brain.

Touring Sweden 2005-2006 as part of the "Behold the Brain" exhibition series. Try it at Malmö Museum, 05 17.5- 05 31.7, Malmö, Sweden or Universeum, 05 25.2 - 05 25.4, Göteborg, Sweden


thumbnail-corpora1.jpg Corpora


doubleNegatives Architecture
Sota Ichikawa (architect)
Max Rheiner (software artist)
Ákos Maróy (software artist at Nextlab)
Kaoru Kobata (graphic designer)

Project "Corpora" is a model of intelligent processing behavior emerging
from a collection of autonomous components. Rather than dictate the
design from the top down, only the basic components are created and
allowed to reconfigure via a framework of open inputs. This structure
could be connected to topographic parameters, weather conditions, human law, and so on.

In this version, inputs are connected to a real-time image of the sky.
Project "Corpora" will take measurements of the brightness and air flow
from clouds and influence each autonomous "super-eye".

Will be shown in The exhibition "Open Nature" in NTT Inter Comunication Center April 2005.