Archaeology of rubbish - LMW04
Archaeology of rubbish - LMW04
'Tähtikuvitelma' Workshop/Installation
'Tähtikuvitelma' Workshop/Installation
Aware 2005
Aware 2005

Lecture by Andrew Gryf Paterson

February 22, 2006, 19:00
Nextlab / Szövetség 39
1074 Budapest, Szövetség u. 39.

Locative Media: Rautatieasema returns
"The deep-local Helsinki culture of mobility, systems and networks is manifested at the site of Rautatieasema (Railway Station). With it's interior, exterior, surrounding subterranean public-spaces, it is a centrepoint of urban Finland; A cartographic and temporal framework for partings, convergences, paths and destinations, all wrapped up in objective data and personal story. The tangible, intangible, physical and informatic.. The static and mobile.."

The presentation will speak of ways of engaging and documenting the site of 'Rautatieasema' at the Locative Media workshops at the Pixelache Festival of Electronic Arts and Subcultures in 2004, and forthcoming in 2006.

On the workshop occasion of 2004, approximately 20 international media and performance artists, activists, archaeologists and researchers spent 5 days exploring overlaps in “capture-gathering” methods and site-documentations. The reflective work of translating practices into spoken word was done in 2005: So raise your voice, and speak for the rest of us - “From many practices to a singular voice” 

Andrew Paterson
Born in Falkirk, Scotland, 1974. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

My creative practice involves working in the roles of initiator, participant, author and producer, according to/and within different collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. These roles operate in the field of media/socially-engaged arts, where 'artwork' may be understood as a conversation, devised situation, workshop or event. The activity specialises in mobile and collaborative interfaces or interactions.

This focus has evolved from the layers and processes of printmaking, through a blend of poetic text, inter-relations between media, virtual/augmented environments and initially coordinating community art workshops. Story-making/telling and listening are an increasingly influential set of modes in representing my own - and engaging others' - experience.

Since January 2003, I have undertaken practice-led research as a Doctorate of Arts candidate at Media Lab UIAH in Helsinki, Finland, consolidating under the title of 'Contextual Media Fieldwork: participatory mobile systems, devised events, and socially-engaged art processes'. 

This lecture is organised by Nextlab, for more information contact:

Adam Somlai-Fischer
+36 30 540 52 04
e-mail: adam at aether hu