Sponsors and partners
Sponsors and partners

1575.42 MHz

satellite-controlled kinetic installation

The project is supported by the National Cultural Fund, the Ministry of
Informatics and Communication and the Ministry of Culture Heritage. The installation is a close cooperation between Nextlab, Hydromatic Ltd. and Racional Engeneering.

Special thanks to: Zsombor Gegesy, Viktor Szathmary, Imre Vago, Krisztian Kelner, Anna Barothy (arcus muhely) Andras Grepaly, Marton Elek (geppetto), Endre Kalapacs, Daniel Varga, Balazs Bodo, Adam Siklosi and many more...

1575.42MHz is an object, a robotic arm of 6 sections, which constantly track Global Positioning System satellites. Every section of the sculpture follows the orbit of one of 24 celestial bodies through the horizon, so it moves and changes its appearence permanently.

Below you will find documentation of the working process with images, animations, movies showing the steps of concepting, experimenting and building the installation. As an open development process you can of course use these and we will provide all source codes and patches for free download.

You can find all the source code used for this project under the GNU GPL licence on the 1575MHz project page.