thumbnail-induction2.jpg Induction House v3 and v2
Induction House v3 and v2

Aether Induction House

(by Adam Somlai-Fischer with Aether Architecture)

Aether Induction House is an experimental architecture project consisting of three prototypes. Dealing with mediated spaces, existences and space interpretations. Focusing on transforming the primarily visual digital environment into a physical and tactile experience, finding an architectural and tectonic embodiment.

More specifically, the project has led us to explore and build a new medium; programmable depth with the help of spatial pixels arranged in a 3d pattern.

No computer screens nor kinetic surfaces or even static realities, such as architectural spaces have the quality of changing, carrying information in depth. Some natural resemblances are available thought, like flocking of starlings or staring into muddy water, but these are not really explored in their physical potential yet.

Our focus turned on testing possibilities within this new medium, and exploring methods and forms of its embodiment.

The installation series was exhibited at several venues in 2004 and has some invitations for 2005. Past exhibitions include:
Venice Biennale of Architecture (video doc of the series), ISEA2004 (V3), Pixelache Kiasma (V2), Kunsthalle Budapest (V1)

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