Brainfarm interface
Brainfarm interface


(by András Kangyal, Gábor Csányi, Frutta Elettronica, MOKK)

The aim of the Brainfarm project is:

- To develop a prototype of an integrated on-line telecommunication infrastructure optimized to support the communication needs of emergent virtual communities: the selection of infrastructure elements and the integration of these elements

- To develop the specification for and a prototype that is in harmony with the characteristics of the Hungarian linguistic, cultural, social and academic environment

- To comparatively analyze already existing, and possibly develop new, hybrid data-mining algorithms that identify similarities between entities

- To investigate the development, interaction and transformation of structural norms, rating systems, hierarchies and ontologies responsible for the organization and classification of virtual space and real space. From a content point of view, to define the conceptual webs, meta and rating systems necessary for the organization of highly heterogeneous content pieces