Géza Kerti

He started as a freelance designer, following graduation at the University of Design, Budapest. He became active in various fields from advertising to web design and architecture. In 1996, when the new Hungary was experiencing very fast changes and market economy evolution, started a creative hot-shop, together with three associates, with a focus on graphic and web design.

The studio - Kirowski - quickly grew to become a renowned and sought-for company delivering new media projects and web solutions. This fresh team of talented young professionals from various fields pioneered to build business on a new model, thus emerging the first and most straightforward interactive agency in Hungary. Kirowski has developed its own know-how for interface design and combined it with innovative system development approaches. Beyond the manager position, Geza remained to be an expert in strategic planning, interface design and information architecture in particular. Kirowski has grown to its current size of 60 people, while keeping the focus on interactive advertising and business solutions. Over its 8 years of existence, the company managed to combine creative approach with new technologies, always examining new challenges from an innovative angle.

Today, apart from being one of the strategists at Kirowski, he devotes his time to cultural digital content projects, and as such, did a good job in motivating ourselves, thus helping saturated wills to mature, unite, and create Nextlab.