thumbnail-corpora1.jpg Corpora


doubleNegatives Architecture
Sota Ichikawa (architect)
Max Rheiner (software artist)
Ákos Maróy (software artist at Nextlab)
Kaoru Kobata (graphic designer)

Project "Corpora" is a model of intelligent processing behavior emerging
from a collection of autonomous components. Rather than dictate the
design from the top down, only the basic components are created and
allowed to reconfigure via a framework of open inputs. This structure
could be connected to topographic parameters, weather conditions, human law, and so on.

In this version, inputs are connected to a real-time image of the sky.
Project "Corpora" will take measurements of the brightness and air flow
from clouds and influence each autonomous "super-eye".

Will be shown in The exhibition "Open Nature" in NTT Inter Comunication Center April 2005.