Ákos Maróy, lead developer

Ákos is a Chief Technology Officer at a software development company focusing on outsourced software develpment. He is responsible for technology and methodology for software development including establishing development processes and environment, assessing technology risks for customer requirements, leading the development team, quality control and assurance of the developed software.

He has established and participated in a number of open source software development projects, mainly in the area of online and on-air radio broadcasting.

Ákos is founder, member, and former vice president of Emergent Systems Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary. Also a member and former boardmember of Tilos Rádió, where responsibilities included communication and internet-related issues in the operation of the radio. He is a founding member of Nextlab.

Ákos is a regular participant and lecturer at workshops and conferences.

He conducted his Ph.D. studies about artificial intelligence, artificial life and agent architectures.