Open lab

Nextlab is an initiative founded at the end of 2004, by a group of people of diverse backgrounds. The aim of the group is to create an open, creative lab to explore possibilities in new media, public space installations and augmented reality by doing non-academic research and extensive experimentation. The main goal is to create reflective, intelligent environments by permeating our common surroundings with intelligence.

The lab wishes to be a catalyst for the creative expression of artists, architects, developers, designers with the active engagement of the audience. Focusing on the relationship between culture and new technologies Nextlab´s members participate in the creation of art installations and in initiation and implementation of research projects. At the same time, it gives professional artists and designers a space in which they develop and test imaginative concepts. Organizing workshops, lectures, talks and exhibitions we wish to enhance the exchange between members and other professionals and the public respectively. The main goal of the Nextlab events is to initiate a generative and stimulating discourse and dialogue. The programs examine questions that shape and inspire us as individuals, as well as our cultures, and communities.

Applying for grants from foundations both at home and abroad (together with its international partners) the lab attempts to ensure its working budget. Nextlab asserts a position of independence from academic and corporate structures, while using both to emphasize its efficiency.