thumbnail-1575_rational_orange.jpg thumbnail-1575_rational_red.jpg Orange / red / yellow
Orange / red / yellow

August 2005

Hidromatic tests different motor types and gearboxes to be able to design the construction and to solve problems with the huge torque. Finally, they found a solution which minimizes the weight of the upper two arms.

The engineers from Rational made the final design and detail drawings with the components to be assembled. According to the motor and gearbox sizes the arms have a length of 500 mm, and so the robot will be almost 4 meters long.

We simulated different colors and settled on yellow at the end. The joints will be dark grey. We decided to cover the feet where all the controlling instruments are housed and integrate it within the environment.

Adam and András were invited to speak about 1575.42 MHz on TV. The talk in Kulturház show is much more about Nextlab in general, but a good possibility to introduce the installation to the public for the first time.

thumbnail-1575_r_drawing1.jpg thumbnail-1575_r_drawing2.jpg Drawings of the moving parts
Drawings of the moving parts

July 2005

The engineers of Racional made the final design and detail drawing containing all the motors and parts proposed for the contruction.

thumbnail-scrshot3.gif thumbnail-scrshot1.gif Shadow trace
Shadow trace

June/July 2005

We are testing methods of filtering satellite position data and simulating possible motion structures. The following files show the steps... A simple but powerful representation of our robot made out of colored lines, where we can simulate motion with real data logged in Budapest. Now we can test how fast it will move and how the most extreme shapes of the scupture will look like.

Simulations are built with Processing and require Java.

thumbnail-1575_maxmsp.jpg Max patch
Max patch

June 2005

This is the phase of testing communication between GPS reciever, radio modem and PC and filtering out relevant satellite position data.

thumbnail-1575_may_1.jpg Drawings

May 2005

We made the first construction drawings in order to show our partners how it should work. We met a lot of experts from different fields to find someone who helps out. Most of them, robotic experts among others, told us that we should modify our concept, because it is almost impossible to make this contruction.

We have built the first one-arm prototype to test the power of 3000:1 motogearboxes but it turned out very soon, that these are too weak - one of the gear-wheels has broken immediately.

thumbnail-1575_gearbox1.jpg Gearbox power test
Gearbox power test
thumbnail-1575_apr_1.jpg Illustration in the competition entry
Illustration in the competition entry

April 2005

The installation called 1575.42 MHz is among the supported works in the NKA competition. Nextlab got all means needed to produce the work.

First draft
First draft

February 2005

Conception phase...

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